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Flexibility & Versatility

No two businesses are the same and no two projects are identical. Whatever you’re working on, and whatever equipment you’re working with, GeoSIM specialise in fast, affordable M2M (machine to machine) connectivity.

We’ve been working to keep customers connected all over the world since 2005. With access to over 550 networks in more than 200 countries, we offer customers experience, expertise and an existing infrastructure which allows for very fast M2M set up at extremely affordable rates.

Why Use USSD?

Our USSD messaging based service is fast, accurate, efficient and affordable. Perhaps best of all, there is no need to have a GPRS, 3G or 4G connection data connection. Instead, all that is required is a GSM mobile phone signal and registration on a mobile network.

With these basics in place, our GeoM2M service can connect any equipment to your server or custom URL from anywhere in the world with absolutely no roaming charges.

Faster and more reliable

During the 2013 London Marathon we put this technology to the test. We hooked runner James Slootweg up with a GPS tracker ready to send his whereabouts every minute through 3 different channels: SMS, GPRS and our GeoM2M USSD. SMS and GPRS both suffered failed deliveries and delays due to the type of network congestion typical of large public gatherings.

Meanwhile, GeoM2M successfully transmitted every message, every minute, directly to the tracking platform. An outstanding achievement for GeoM2M – and for James!

Two Way M2M Communication

Our M2M service also allows for open, real time, two way connections between you and your equipment. We can provide the tools you need to receive information but also to send simple instructions via USSD messaging with the help of our smart API.

Connectivity for Sensors, Monitors, Trackers & More

Whatever you’re working on, we can provide outstanding connectivity and messaging for your application, be it data from global trackers, sensors or monitors.

We’ve can provide industry leading M2M connectivity for:

  • Yacht tracking
  • Pet & animal tracking
  • Asset tracking
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Remote worker monitoring
  • Safety monitoring
  • Tide gauges
  • Current meters
  • Storage tank monitoring
  • Fluid level monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Remote access control & command
  • Payment solutions
  • And much more

Thanks to its flexibility, our USSD based M2M service can be used with a very broad range of equipment. If you need to receive information from a remote device, we have the capability to set up a fast and affordable solution, wherever you might be in the world.

Keen to learn more about how GeoSIM could set up fast, affordable M2M as part of your project? Please contact our technical team to discuss your specific requirements and explore the solutions.