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M2M Flood Monitoring

GeoSIM - The Key to remote level monitoring

  • NO geographic constraints
  • NO Roaming Charges
  • NO GPRS data connection required
  • NO SMS required
  • NO monthly charges
  • Very fast. Low latency
  • Quick implementation
  • 550+ networks in 200+ countries
  • Data sent directly to your own URL/server
  • Bespoke application development
  • One SIM card works everywhere
  • Auto switching between multiple networks

Water, Fuel and slurry level monitoring with GeoSIM's global M2M service

Remote monitoring and control devices are "Ten a penny" and there are numerous companies offering such services. Typically data is sent from the device or sensor over the mobile phone network using a GPRS or 3G data connection or by SMS. GPRS and SMS are "OK" but in some situations they can have significant limitations for Machine to Machine (M2M) applications. The limitations can include delays or non delivery of SMS or problems starting a GPRS data session. These issues increase significantly when roaming on a foreign network...as do the costs!

GeoSIM offers a solution that can be much cheaper, more reliable, faster and global coverage.

GeoSIMs M2M service can pass data directly from the remote devise directly to your server.....without any roaming charges, without any delay, from any of 200 countries on over 550 networks.


Other M2M Applications

GeoSIMs M2M service is not only for level monitoring

Any remote sensor or control device could utilise the service. Applications such as remote worker location and safety monitoring or tracking, remote sensors such as tide gauges, current meters, alarms systems. Entry and exit alerts on doors and gates, pet or animal tracking, the list of M2M applications is endless, diverse and varied across all industries and businesses. For details on GPS tracking see, here. If you need to get data from a remote device or application, GeoSIM M2M has the means to deliver it to you.

We are here to help with your M2M requirements

Why not contact us with your specific requirements and we'll be happy to discuss your ideas and explore possible solutions for your application.

Real life application - Lake level and flood alert

GeoSIMs M2M service is used in lake level monitoring and flood alert systems. Water level readings are sent to the customers server at regular intervals to allow them to monitor levels and issue flood warnings when the water level start to rise. This gives time to mobilise resources and, in need be, put emergency response plans in to action well before matters become "critical". The photo of the unit above is used to monitor the level of the lake and alert them when water levels rise and flooding occurs. Data is sent across the mobile phone network using GeoSIMs unique system. The unit has no moving parts to fail, has very low operating costs and will work anywhere in the world "out of the box".

The same system can be used for any fluid level monitoring requirement such as fuel storage tanks, slurry tanks and "Porta Loo" levels. In the case of fuel tanks, the delivery company can optimise when to deliver fuel. Slurry tanks and Porta Loo tank levels can me monitored and emptied before they over flow. In each case, optimisation of the road tanker to deliver or empty the storage tank can be made, thus reducing operating costs.